Rendamax is a leading specialist of high efficiency, condensing, heating technology mainly concentrated on the market for none-domestic central heating equipment and water heaters.

Founded in the late nineteen sixties as a result of the closing of the coalmines in the Limburg region of the Netherlands Rendamax has in recent years evolved from a simple manufacturing site providing jobs for former mineworkers into a reputable fully integrated competitor with dependent and independent sales organizations throughout Europe.
After a number of ownership changes in the past Rendamax, at the end of 2001, joined the Italian based Ariston Thermo Group, a world leader in the manufacture of central heating, positioning the company at the forefront of the heating industry and enabling it to further extend its successful strategy for growth.

The present European presence is a result of the companies focus on its primary strengths and its determination to satisfy the different market requirements as well as the total satisfaction of its customers. Dedicated to the concept of similar platforms our products are both sold under Rendamax label and under a large number of customer labels. In a lot of countries - including the Netherlands - our products are sold through Elco Heating Solutions, also a division of Ariston Thermo Group.

Based on four elements for continuity (key strengths, products, markets and profitability) the companies mission is as follows;
Rendamax is leading competitor in the professional market for high quality, high efficiency central heating – and water heating equipment, differentiating itself through its developed innovative technological concepts, offering customers substantial benefits.
By creating long-term enduring relationships and by sustaining its technological leadership Rendamax want to secure its leading position in our market segment, constantly adding value for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Customer satisfaction and total quality are the key issues that drive our people and our organization.
Rendamax is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified and the highest level of standards is managed at all stages of our research and development, sales and production processes.
Our Research and Development is focused on achieving maximum standards in efficiency, ease of use, industrialization and environmental impact, thus developing innovative products that ensure our competitive advantage for the years to come.

The hart of our operation is the facility in Kerkrade, situated in the south of the Netherlands, where research and development, production, logistics, technical support and desk sales are concentrated. In all European countries Rendamax is represented by dedicated Ariston Thermo Group companies and/or independent distributors.

An innovative company, part of a leading international group, supplying top-products satisfying experienced professional customers.

The products

Rendamax develops and manufactures central – and water heating equipment that combines effective heating with the highest efficiencies, ultra low energy consumption and the lowest environmental impact.

All boilers produced by Rendamax are based on the innovative through-flow technology and modulate stepless between 15% and 100% of their firing rate, a unique heating concept for Europe with a range of obvious advantages for the user.
At the heart of these (pre-mix) boilers is the, in-house developed and patented, finned tube burner. This water-cooled burner ensures very low combustion temperatures, virtually eliminating Nox emissions and therefore top-positioning our boilers in environmental friendliness.
The heat exchangers in our boilers consist of stainless steel tubes depending on whether the specific series of boilers are designed for condensation or not. If you own a boiler as well, this business can be of great assistance to you.

The present line of products consists of;

  • The THISION L (ELCO) and Rendamax R40, a complete new series wall hung units, consisting of 5 models (65, 85, 100, 120 and 145kW) of pre-mix modulating, high efficient (110%), condensing boilers, equipped with own by Rendamax Research & Development developed stainless steel heat exchanger for central heating use and possibly later for sanitary water heating.
  • The Genus HP series, wall hung units, consisting of 2 models of pre-mix modulating, high efficient (109%), condensing boilers, equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, ranging from 45, 65 85 and 100kW, for central heating use.
  • The Trigon L series, consisting of 4 models of pre-mix modulating, high efficient (110%), condensing boilers, equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, ranging from 65 to 120kW, for central heating use.
  • The R600 series, consisting of 7 models of pre-mix modulating, high efficient (110%), condensing boilers, equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, ranging from 142 to 539kW, for central heating use and for direct sanitary water heating.
  • The R3400/R3500/R3600 series, consisting of 6 and 5 models of pre-mix modulating, high efficient (100%, 104% and 108%), condensing boilers, equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, ranging from 600 to 1200 kW, for central heating use.

As a result of the technology applied and the construction all Rendamax boilers are extremely compact, very light weight, user - and service friendly and guaranteed silent. Commercial underfloor heating has also become more popular and accessible than ever before, thanks to its ability to pair with renewable technologies and its proven ability to offer increased efficiency.

Rendamax manufactures its entire range of products only to order and customer specification. Supply of components and sub-assemblies is almost entirely subcontracted to specialist suppliers who on their turn also supply only Rendamax-order based.
Throughout the production process the highest (NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008) quality standards are imposed and constantly monitored.
All boilers are supplied fully assembled, tested and pre-set and are on arrival and installation “ready-to-fire”. No additional assembly, adjusting or testing is therefore required in the boiler room.

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